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Sugar Hill Nursery

Est. 2023

From my family to yours, thank you for taking the time to visit us at our site. Whether you choose to buy plants or are just interested in our growing adventure. We appreciate you taking the time to read our pages and spread the word about us.

Our Roots

Like many People our story has its high points and low points on the road of life. I believe that the experiences we have mold us into the people we will become. I was raised in a neighborhood like most Americans and did not find my love for plants until later in life. Not long after my wife and I were married we experienced some difficult times where we had to decide between groceries or gas to get to work. This time in our lives changed us, and when our first child was born we also planted our first tree. 


Time passes and my garden has grown. Our home has turned into a homestead, keeping fruit on the table and meat in the freezer. Times have gotten hard for many Americans and their food security is in question. The grocery store bill seems like it keeps doubling and I believe the time for "Victory Gardens" has come again. I have established this Nursery specifically to help people grow their own "Food Forests" or "Victory Gardens" to help offset the cost of living.


The plants we have are specificity for Zones 7-10 and are primarily intended to be planted only once. We strive to keep our prices as low as possible so that each plant will hopefully pay for itself after its first or second fruit set. It is our hope that we will start seeing ornamental trees and hedges replaced with fruit bearing plants both in rural areas as well as in the neighborhoods like the ones I grew up in. I know that as a child fruit was too expensive for us to have regularly. If we had blueberry bushes along the side of our house or a mulberry tree in the front yard not a single berry would have gone uneaten.


I am committed to doing what I can to ensure no child is left hungry. From the beginning, our company will donate one fruit tree or bush for every ten bare root plants that are Pre-Ordered by June 1st. As our company grows I hope that I can do more for the children and families in our communities struggling to put food on the table.

Meet The Family

Owners of Sugar Hill Nursery, LLC
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