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This sweet berry is a favorite with my children. The white variety are much sweeter than the others but have less depth of flavor. They won’t leave your driveway stained and are more often overlooked by birds than the black varieties. We usually use these as a filler in our jams and jellies. The trees grow very quickly and early pruning is needed if you want them to hold there shape. The leaves are very high in protein and make a great fodder food for all animals. If the goats or cows get are allowed out, this is the first tree they run to, snattching up whatever leaves they can. The tree itself requires little to no care and can either be pruned into a tree or allowed to become a massive bush. I recomend prunning with harvesting in mind where a sheet can be put under the branches as you shake down the berries. Due to State Regulations we are unable to ship mulberries to the following states: IN,WI.

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Morus alba multicaulis - White Mulberry

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  • Zone 7-10

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