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If you have ever had a pink or red hughed fruity tea chances are you’ve tasted Roselle. Most commonly used as a tea flavoring giving your tea a fruity undertone the calyx can also be made into a tartly sweet jam reminiscent of cranberry sauce. The bush itself is anywhere from 4-9' large depending on how much you feed it. The bright yellow flowers are quite stunning as they loose their petals and transform into the deep waxy red calyx used in teas and cooking. Generally they need to be replanted each year and are one of the few Annuals that we offer but we couldnt leave them out, as they are a favorite in our gardens.

Take advantage of our flat rate shipping! Buy as many small potted plants for your garden for only $20 in shipping per order. Fill the box with trees to get the most out of this offer!

Hibiscus sabdariffa - Roselle

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  • Zone 9-12

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