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Pre-Order Bare Root Trees for Spring 2025 Delivery

All 2024 bare root orders have been shipped for this year

Order bareroot fruit trees online:

The shop page is divided up into Nursery plants and Bare root Plants

  • Nursery plants are shipped leafed out as they are ordered.

  • Bare root plants are shipped Dormant in January each year.

When should I order bare root fruit trees?

We open ordering for the following years trees starting in April each year and we lock down the inventory by June 1. All surplus stock may be purchased after June 1. However, once we're out no further orders will be taken until the following year.

Example: orderings placed in March 2022 ships in January 2023.

Our products:

We specialize in fruit trees that are selected for warm and hot weather climates. All our bare root fruit trees require 400 chill hours or less to fruit and are specific for growing zones 7-9.  Take advantage of our superior root stocks allowing you to customize your bare root fruit tree selection even further.

When shipped, our trees average 36"-42” tall and have a trunk diameter of 3/8-1/2” wide. When they are shipped they will be dormant and not have leaves, dirt, or any other substrate. They will be extremely tolerant of the cold but can dry out easily and so we recommend that you plant them immediately upon receipt. Please read Planting and Caring for Bare Root Trees for more information.

How do I know which Bareroot fruit tree to select?

First step is to follow this link Here to find out how many chill hours you receive. Read more on Low Chill Fruit Trees.

Next determine how much space you have to work with. Food forest vs. production orchard. Do you want them to be small production trees or large canopy trees? Follow this link to read more on pruning. Read more on Fruit tree Pruning. Any tree on any rootstock can be shortened to desired height. However, you cant make a tree on dwarfing rootstock bigger. Read about the different root stock options we have and select the best ones for your soil and weather conditions.

Finally do you want your bare-root fruit tree for preserving or to keep your table well stocked with fresh fruit? If you're looking to preserve large quantities, then you want to select trees that have similar harvest dates. If you're looking to keep fresh fruit in the house longer, choose trees that have varying harvest dates to extend your season. If you just want a single tree just make sure its self fertile.

The Shipping process of Bare Root Fruit Trees?

Bare root trees are grown in the ground NOT in pots. In the winter (December) when the tree is dormant the trees are excavated, cleaned up, and inspected for pests and disease by the department of agriculture (early January.) Once all trees come back clean they are boxed up without dirt and shipped to your door via UPS Ground (mid-January.) Read More on our Shipping


Our Donate a Tree Mission:

I am committed to doing what I can to ensure no child is left hungry. From the beginning, our company will donate one fruit tree or bush for every ten bareroot plants that are Pre-Ordered by June 1st. As our company grows I hope that I can do more for the children and families in our communities struggling to put food on the table. If you would like to join us in our mission but are unable to purchase a bare root fruit tree at this time, you can buy a tree that we will add to our donation’s packages Here. Read more about our story and Who We Are

Need help with your bareroot order?

Please feel free to email us at I would be happy to help you with any questions you may have. Please include your zip code so that I can see what zone you are in as well as the chill hours that you receive in order to better assist you with your bareroot order.

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